Isabella De Ocampo

The feelings that I get when I see the art in video games and animation, I want to be able to create that for someone else. The mood, the happiness, the feeling of getting sucked into the world that you see before you, I am obsessed with being one of the magicians behind that experience.

This is why I pursued being a concept artist. I am a currently enrolled in Vancouver Film School’s Animation Concept art program (June 2016 - June 2017) and have graduated from the Foundation Visual Art + Design program (2015 - 2016).

Before I pursued art as a career I was in a Computer Science course. I learned many things about myself during this time, and it further pushed me in pursuing my real dream to become an artist. Coupled with my love for art, is my love for learning. I strive to improve with every painting I create, and I believe that hard work and perseverance can go a long way.

Curriculum Vitae available on request